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What is
Stories ?

Aavirbhaav is a Hindi word which translates to 'Manifestation' in English. This project started as a podcast with the intention of telling horror stories specifically catering to the Indian subcontinent.

What makes Aavirbhaav unique is that here we aim to provide a wholesome experience without jarring jump-scares. In fact a lot of our audience describes their experience at Aavirbhaav soothing and relaxing.

So why don't you dip your toes in our pool of spookiness?


Either click on 'Stories' to read some of the best curated Horror Stories in Hindi, or listen to our Podcast or watch a Youtube video or Livestream.

Check Out These Spooky Stories


It doesn't matter !

Because Aavirbhaav believes in the moment.

The moment when you think you are not alone. The moment when you see a shadow from the corner of your eye, or the feeling that somebody is standing right behind you. This is what Aavirbhaav is all about. We don't deal in ghosts and demons. We deal in stories and experiences.

Aavirbhaav aims to become a safe space for people who believe in such moments and experiences. We do not doubt stories and believe that sometimes its okay to feel scared.

Kyuki, 'dar sabko lagtaa hai.'

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