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Aavirbhaav is a safe space for people who like to consume horror, believe in things beyond understanding, or claim to have encountered a paranormal experience.

And as expected there have been some instances where a few colorful guests on the livestreams and comment sections make things uncomfortable for everyone.

Therefore we have some golden rules or Ground Rules for guest/user behavior in Aavirbhaav, which are -

Privacy & Safety

We respect our user's privacy and safety and therefore encourage everyone to keep their location and identity hidden from other users on the site and other platforms of Aavirbhaav. During livestreams guests can keep their cameras off to protect their identity. However, for verification purposes sometimes the host or moderator may ask you to reveal your face in the studio where only the host or moderator can see your beautiful mug.

Other than that please refrain from sharing personal details in the chat or comments, including but not limited to financial details, locations, occupation etc.

Don't Doubt a Story or Experience

At Aavirbhaav we don't worry whether a story or experience was real or fake. That was never a concern at Aavirbhaav and we would love to keep it that way.

Thus, users are requested to keep their opinions of truth or fact checking to themselves especially when somebody is sharing their story or experience.

We don't care about the authenticity. The only thing we care about is the story or experience, and your well being.

Be Respectful

Aavirbhaav is a safe space and so we intend to make our users feel safe and protected at all times. Any instance of personal insults, abuses or stalking would be taken very seriously. It may result in a permanent ban or even reporting to the authorities if warranted.

Be civil and polite to each other and just have fun.

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